"How can you say a man had a good mind when he couldn't even bother to do anything when the best-hearted, most beautiful woman in the world, his own wife, was dying for lack of love and understanding…" -Marvin Breed

Emily Hoenikker is the wife of Dr. Felix Hoenikker and mother of Newt , Angela , and Frank Hoenikker


Emily Hoenikker was engaged to Dr. Asa Breed But left him shortly after Felix came to town. She had a maternal relationship with her husband, taking care of the absent-minded and detatched scientist. 

She died giving birth to her son, Newt. With their father's Nobel Prize money the Hoenikker children bought a tombstone for their mother. In Emily's absence, Felix then forced Angela to quit school to assume her mothers role as caretaker of him and the house. 

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